Mid-Sized Business Payroll Solutions

Mid-sized business payroll serviceSo you’re a mid-sized business. We’ve got a payroll solution for you.

We provide our mid-size payroll services that supports businesses with 50-999 employees. With our mid-size payroll services, there is never any software to download. Our mid-sized business payroll service is an online payroll service, which means you can skip the shipping of checks and extra fees. Our payroll service allows you to print checks on-site, run manual payrolls; create tax payment, and file tax forms and printing your own W-2s right from your office.

Our mid-sized payroll service allows you to process payroll your way. You have access to employee and payroll data via a library of standard reports. You can email your employees pay stubs to them securely by having them log into our paycheck login website. Maintain compliance with our new hire reporting tool and our wage garnishment features. Since your payroll is online, you have access 24/7/365 to process payroll anytime and anywhere. Our mobile payroll app is available to our mid-sized payroll clients, which gives more flexibility on processing payroll on the go.

You can feel relaxed knowing that our payroll service is completely secure, backed-up and updated with the most current tax rates. Our payroll solution will keep you up to speed on tax rate and filing changes and answer your most challenging payroll questions. Pinnacle Employee Services helps you to manage your entire payroll process with a flexible system that is easy to learn and use.

With our user-friendly online payroll and outstanding customer service to answer your payroll questions, it’s no wonder why more businesses are choosing Pinnacle Employee Services to handle all their payroll needs. Not only is our payroll service economical and efficient for your mid-sized business, it just makes perfect business sense.  Contact us today to upgrade your payroll service by switching to Pinnacle Employee Services.

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