Workers Compensation

pay as you go workers comp
What is Workers' Compensation insurance?

Workers' compensation insurance provides coverage for an employee who has suffered an injury or illness from job-related duties. Coverage includes medical and rehabilitation costs and lost wages for employees injured on the job. The insurance premium you pay depends on your employees job descriptions i.e. administrative, delivery person, etc.

Why do I need workers' compensation insurance?

Workers compensation insurance is required by law in most states. Learn more about what is required in your state.

Without adequate workers' compensation insurance the employer is exposed to two types of risk. First, if an employee is injured on the job, the employer may be held personally liable for both the cost of their medical care and for the lost wages while the employee is unable to work. Second, many states impose strict fines and penalties for employers who are cited for not having the required insurance.

Why use a "Pay-as-you-go" service?

Traditionally, businesses had only one way to pay their workers’ compensation premium: up front and based on an educated guess – not exactly a payment strategy most smart business owners would advocate.

The solution: SmartCompSM a payroll deduction workers’ compensation product. can simply be described as “BETTER”, and here is why:

Rather than paying estimated premium based on projected payroll for the coming year, SmartCompSMcalculates exactly what customers owe based on accurate payroll. And instead of making hefty down payments and writing multiple checks to the insurance company throughout the year, SmartCompSMprovides our policyholders with electronic debit all in coordination with their regular payroll provider.

Our pay-as-you-go product is superior when compared to traditional workers’ compensation.

Here’s why :

  • Predictability
  • No down payment of policy premium
  • Improvement of cash flow
  • Electronic withdrawal of premium payment
  • Easy year end audit process with little to no audit liability

We offer products from the finest carriers in the industry, distribute them using the most sophisticated web-based technology, and back it all with unparalleled customer service. Let us show you how this powerful combination can improve your business process-giving you more time to grow and keep your customers happy.

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