Mid-Size Business HR Soultions

Mid-Size Business HR SolutionsOur Human Resource Management solution for mid-size businesses enables you and your staff to become more efficient and effective and focus on your organization’s core competencies. Pinnacle Employee Services mid-size business HR Solution is an all-in-one HR department, offering on-site HR support throughout your business cycle, from employee management, to HR compliance, and safety programs.

Think of Pinnacle Employee Services mid-size business HR Solution as a self-contained HR department supporting your human resource needs, from managing employees, to following regulations, and helping you choose the right benefits plans for your business. Whether your needs are to reduce the manual workload, empower your managers and employees through self-service options, or if you need help with Health Care Reform compliance, Pinnacle Employee Services suite of HR services can help.

You will be appointed a dedicated HR advisor that is highly educated and trained. Your HR advisor is available to work on-site with you and your team on legal and regulatory compliance, while helping educate your business on hot to use our online HR programs, conducting employee training, and helping create a custom employee handbook, management manuals and job descriptions.

Your HR advisor directs and collaborates with the Pinnacle Employee Services team responsible for your payroll, worksite safety programs, and insurance benefits.

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