Employee Handbooks

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An Employee handbook provides clarity to employees regarding your policies and expectations. The absence of a formal employee handbook or policy manual or a poorly drafted one puts you at a disadvantage to defend yourself should you face a lawsuit. Numerous federal, state, and even local laws affect the content of policies and procedures to be included in such employee handbooks.

Why have an employee handbook?

No matter how large or small your organization might be, you can derive significant benefit from having a well – crafted employee handbook that spells out your policies. The employee handbook should include both mandatory and recommended policies.

You may not realize the need for a formal and comprehensive policies and procedures until you encounter and unanticipated problem. Do not wait until you find yourself in a lawsuit!

Our customized and compliant employee handbook can be your first line of defense in the event of a complaint of discrimination. Our handbook covers a wide variety of important areas, such as leaves of absence, disability, wages, sexual harassment and more. We will ensure complete compliance with all federal and state regulations. Our employee handbooks are also available in Spanish.

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