Human Resource Outsourcing Services

hr vital functionHuman Resources is a vital part of any businesses. Human Resources allow businesses to protect, grow and retain their most valuable assets, their employees. Not to mention that you have goals for your business. But, the day-to-day HR management and administrative tasks take valuable time and resources away from achieving those goals.

Like sales and operations, human resource plays a big part in ensuring a business is in compliance with the ever changing state and federal employment laws. Human Resources also is there to providing training to staff on how to be a better employee, professional growth and provide a positive work environment. All these HR tasks are important to a business that wants to grow, improve profits and maintain labor compliance.

We assign our HRO clients a personal, HR professional, available to help with various aspects of employment management, such as benefits, worksite safety, and compliance issues. With our virtual HR, we work with you to provide guidance and answer to your HR-related questions. Together we can customize your employee handbook, assess and develop your safety and loss control program, create management guides and conduct live employee training sessions. Resources from our extensive HR library and an information online HR newsletter are also included.

No matter if you are a new business starting out or an established business; we can help improve your workforce. We provide our clients with a comprehensive human resource solution that offers scalable, easy-to-use and provides personal access to a dedicated HR professional, available on call or on site. With our Human Resource services being fully customizable to fit your business needs, we can handle all your needs.

Whether you are a small business or mid-sized business, if you are looking to fully outsource your HR functions, we have a solution for you.

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