Bumpy Road Ahead for the Cadillac Tax

California Enacts Law Requiring Employers to Provide Paid Sick Leave

Calif.: State Adds ‘Abusive Conduct’ to Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors

OSHA Announces New Injury Reporting Rules

San Francisco Bans Box

FUTA Tax. Not The Business

HR Allen Receives 2013 Best of Citrus Heights Award

Kick 9-5 To The Curb! Consider an Alternative Workweek Schedule

Rounding Time Clarified by See's Candy

EEOC Provides Guidance on Specific Disabilities in the Workplace

California Labor Law Task Force Has Record-Breaking Results

EEOC's Top Priority: GINA

Want That Promotion? Watch What You Wear

Server's Tip Credit Class Claim

Cable Company Pays Over $1 Million in Back Wages

Five Don'ts When Hiring Employees in California - Avoid A Lawsuit

California Employer Cited for More Than $1.6 Million

Summer Vacation

Is Your Business In Compliance? - Assess Your Current HR Function

Yahoo Expands Company's Parental Leave Policy

$240 Million Disability Discrimination - Largest EEOC Verdict Ever!

Job Killer Increases Liability for California Businesses

California's Health Exchange: What It Means for CA Small Businessess

Colorado Marijuana Users Can Be Fired, Says Court

Updated California Wage Orders

Employers Still Haven't Learned. Using Social Media to Hire Exposes Employers to More Liability

California Employers That Offer Piece Rate, Listen Up!

Videotapping in the Workplace. Why not?

Heat Illness Prevention - Cal/OSHA Launches 2013 Campaign

How To Calculate Overtime Pay for Hourly and Commissioned Employees

Recognize the Warning Signs and Risk Factors for Workplace Violence

Bosses Have Crazy Requests For Employees

Cal/OSHA's Top 25 Violations for California Workplaces

Religious Discrimination Suite Moves Forward for Abercrombie

New I-9 Form Effective Date

April 15 Marks One Year Anniversary for Brinker Case

Employers and Their Medical Marijuana Employees

Toys "R" Us Sued by EEOC for Discriminating Against a Deaf Person

How Can California Businesses Protect Company Information When Employees Leave

California Employers Try To Combat Employee Data Theft

Human Trafficking Posting Required for Some Businesses...Deadline April 1, 2013

Employee Complains About Sexual Jokes On Twitter, Then Fired

3 Tips To Sharpen Your Listening Skills

NFL Warned About Discrimination by New York Attorney General

California Burdensome Accommodations for Religious Observances

Tax Breaks for Employers That Hire Veterans

California's Recordkeeping and Production of Personnel Records Requirement

Love Contract: When Cupid is in The Workplace

How To Complete The New I-9 Form

New PDL Regulations for California Employers Pt. 2

New PDL Regulations for California Employers Pt. 1

New Disability Regulations by FEHC

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Deadline Approaching

Revised I-9 Form

March 11: San José Minimum Wage Takes Effect

Workers' Comp Reform Job Killer Bill Looks to Hurt California Businesses

Don't Forget to Spring Forward

Hiring Manager Pick Who They Want to Hangout With?

Start Filing Your H-1B Visa's on April 1

Nurse Posts Mexico Trip on Facebook Lead to Firing for FMLA Abuse

Mandatory March 8th FMLA Posting for Some Public and Private Employers

President Increases Minimum Wage

Government Offers Grants for Workplace Wellness Programs

San Francisco Restaurant Pays $525K Settlement

Two Time Winner of "Best of Human Resources/Payroll Company"

Free HR Assessment Checklist

California Employers Pay Higher Tax for Unemployment Fund Deficit

California Employer Forced To Pay Over $1 Million for Pay Violations

Employers Must Post OSHA Log Summary 300

Record Highs for Immigration Audits

Positive Changes for Employers on Americans with Disabilities Act in 2013

IRS Releases 2013 Form W-4

Agencies Issue New HIPAA Proposed Rule on Wellness Programs

IRS Issues Proposed Rules on Employer “Shared Responsibility” Tax Under the Affordable Care Act

IRS Provides new Withholding Information; 2013 W-4 Still not Released

Standard Mileage Rates for 2013

Favorable Post-Brinker Cases Depublished

DOL Launches Database of “Ready-for-Hire” Candidates with Disabilities

State Unemployment Rate High, But Jobs Growth Better Than Nation

Amended Pregnancy Disability Regulations Approved

Workers’ Compensation Reform Requires Updates to Notice and Pamphlet

IRS Announces 2013 Mileage Reimbursement Rates

San Jose Approves Increased Minimum Wage

New 2013 Exempt Classification Rates

NLRB Reduces Case Backlog, Cuts Age of Cases In Half

Happy Halloween from HR Allen Consulting Services

If We Close Because Of The Storm, Whom Do We Have to Pay and How Much?

Rockin Around the Clock: California Appellate Court Issues Favorable Ruling for Employers On Rounding Employee Time Entries

Weather Emergency on East Coast a Reminder to be Prepared

IRS Releases 2013 Pension Plan Limitations

Pre-Order 2013 California Employment Law Poster

San Francisco Minimum Wage Increases in January

Two New Discrimination Laws Mean Changes for Policies, Posters

UPDATE: PDL and Disability Discrimination Regulations On Review

SDI Online Services Enhanced For Employers

What Employers Should Know as Election Time Nears

Unpaid Wages Cost California Company $5 Million

Governor Vetoes Nanny Bill

Governor Acts on Employment Related Bills

How to Outsource Your Grunt Work

In the Trenches: When Someone Leaves

How to Create a Millennial-Friendly Workplace

Are You a Micromanager? Here’s How to Tell (and Why You Should Change)

4 Strategies for Managing Workers with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

5 Tips for Managing Part-Time Workers

September 30 Deadline Looms for EEO-1 Reports

Social Media Privacy Legislation Signed

VETS Forms' Deadline Extended

Favorable Reporting Time and Split Shift Case

Workshop Focuses On Preventing Worker Deaths, Injuries in Confined Spaces

Disability Access Reform Bill Becomes Law

New 401(k) Fee Disclosure Resource Available Online

Governor Signs Workers’ Compensation Reform Bill

Governor Signs Pension Reform Legislation

New Law Clarifies Religious Accommodation Requirements

Commission Agreements Deadline

5 Phrases to Avoid Saying to Your Employees

What ‘Obamacare’ Means for Your Small Business

California Court of Appeal Significantly Narrows Administrative Exemption

Disability Access Law Reform Pending​

401K Fee Disclosures Go Into Effect August 30

Continue Using Current Form 1-9 With August Expiration Date

Enforcement Sweep Targets Illegally Operating Contractors

$89.7 Million Awarded in Rest Break Class Action Lawsuit

What Should a Small-Business Owner’s LinkedIn Profile Look Like?

How to Overcome Shyness When You’re the Boss

Pay Your Nanny on the Company’s Dime and Risk Jail Time

How to Retain Employees from Day One

How to Delegate Effectively

San Jose Puts Minimum Wage Hike on November Ballot

OSHA Issues Final Rules on Two Whistleblower Provisions

Employer Settles Disability Discrimination Case Based on Obesity

Private Pension Mandate Creates Employer Liability

Federal Wage and Hour Lawsuits Hit Record High

How to Get the Most out of Interns

2 Options for Dealing with Employees When Selling Your Business

4 Ways to Help Employees Reduce Distractions

California Court of Appeal Significantly Narrows Administrative Exemption

California Creates New Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit

Court of Appeal Delivers On Newspaper Carrier Misclassification Case

IRS Releases Guidance on Tip Withholding

Sorry, But That's Not in My Contract: Court Holds that Exotic Dancers Are Not Employees under the FLSA or Arkansas Minimum Wage Act

Executive Decision: Warehouse Captains Exempt Under FLSA Despite Supervising Similar Departments

This Car Will Run: Third Circuit Holds That Enterprise Holdings Is Not the Joint Employer of Its Subsidiaries' Employees

Employee Requests FMLA – Keep Your Commentary to Yourself

OSHA & Cal/OSHA Provide Heat Illness Prevent Kit for Employers

“Evil HR Lady” on How Much Downtime Employees Should Get on the Job

The Hiring Process: Jennifer McClure on How to Read Resumes

How to Evolve from an Employee into a Consultant

FEHC Eliminated; Duties Transferred to DFEH

Prevailing Wage Laws Do Not Apply to Charter Cities

Helping Employees Cope with Non-Work Issues

1099 Contractor vs. W-2 Employee: A Decision Guide

Affordable Health Care Act Upheld

Thanks Albany: Labor Law Amendment Expands Permissible Deductions From Employees' Wages

Supreme Court Rejects DOL's Interpretation and Finds Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Qualify for the Outside Sales Exemption

Vacation Reminders

Enough Is Enough: Employers Take A Stand Against The EEOC's Enforcement Tactics

Cal/OSHA Investigates Suspected Heat Illness Fatalities

Swimming Pool Accessibility Rules Postponed

California Assembly Passes New Mandated Leave Bill

NLRB Issues Third Social Media Report

Time Off For Employees To Vote

Employee's Facebook Post Leads to Firing

3 Tips for Hiring Temporary Employees to Avoid Permanent Problems

Tips on Hiring the Best Salespeople for Your Business

4 Ways to Take the Vacation You Need

Discrimination Charges, State by State

H-2B Visa Rule Halted

Attorneys’ Fees Not Available In Meal and Rest Break Claims

Federal Court Finds NLRB’s New Election Rule Invalid

Cal/OSHA Kicks Off 2012 Heat Illness Campaign

2013 Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Limits Announced

Updated Federal Health Benefit Coverage Requirements Tool

How to Fire an Employee

EEOC Updates Enforcement Guidance on Arrest/Conviction Records

Eat, Sleep, Shame: Of DOL Apps and Investigations

Updated: Court Temporarily Stops the NLRB from Enforcing Poster Requirement

Federal District Court: New NLRA Poster Requirement Unlawful

On Video: The Brinker Decision's Impact

Labor Commissioner Releases Updated Wage Notice and FAQ

Brinker Case Decided

April 30 NLRA Poster Deadline Approaches

How to Choose the Right Freelance Consultants

Proposed Amendments to Pregnancy Regulations and Disability Regulations

EEOC Issues Final Age Discrimination Regulations

​Independent Contractors Vital, Growing Source of California Economic Strength

Can Employees Be Disciplined for Filing a False Harassment Claim?

Abuse Case Highlights Need for Good Selection Practices

Revisions to Form I-9 Proposed

Asking For Facebook Passwords Is Risky

U.S. Department of Labor Prioritizes Whistleblower Protection

Migraines Caused by Good Faith Personnel Action not Covered by Workers' Compensation

Health Care Reform 2012 Checklist

California Bill Would Create New Leave Mandate

DOL Provides Tools to Help States Fight UI Fraud

Health Care Reform Reminder: New Regulations Finalized

Departments Issue FAQ and Seek Comments on Health Care Reform Act Proposals

Labor Commissioner Sues Three Carwashes

Deadline Approaching to Claim Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

Ruling on Commissions Helps Employers

HR Allen Consulting Services Launches BlogTalkRadio Show

EEOC Guidance on Employing Disabled Veterans

How to Avoid Being Your Company’s Biggest Problem

Workers’ Compensation Division Seeks Employer Input

Why It’s Bad Idea to Check a Job Applicant’s Facebook Profile

California Dept. of Industrial Relations Creates Wage Theft Crime Unit

How Will Your Company Handle March Madness

First Federal Court Ruling on NLRA Poster Requirement

Gas Prices Surge! Don’t Forget Your Reimbursement Obligations

The Top Common Misconceptions of Independent Contractors

5 Ways to Avoid ‘Death by Meeting’

Cal/OSHA Issues Alert on Confined Spaces Hazards

7 Employment Law "Hot Buttons" for Small Business

IRS Guidance on Reporting Cost of Health Insurance

Defining Independent Contractor vs. Employee Podcast.

In the Trenches: Dizzying Payroll Rules


10 Reasons to Outsource Payroll

7 Signs That Your Company May Be Ready for Human Resource Outsourcing

What Small Businesses Should Know About the Payroll Tax Cut Extension

5 Tips for Recruiting Big Talent in a Small Town

California Employers Paying Higher Unemployment Taxes

In the Trenches: Working From Home with a Child

How to Make Sure Your Employees Are Legal

4 Ways to Boost Your Productivity Levels

Hiring Veterans Is Good Business Sense

New Health Care Reform Website for Employers

Are Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Exempt from Overtime?

Can a Commission-Based Pay Structure Work for Your Company?

Should You Require Employees to Wear Suits?

Do Employees Have a Right to Privacy in the Workplace?

Proposed Rule Would Affect Family and Medical Leave Act

DOL's "Right-to-Know" Rulemaking Gets Tabled

The Inside Scoop On Inside Sales

A Steep Learning Curve For Companies That Hire Unpaid Interns

Should You Offer Employees Unlimited Vacation Time?

Ruling on Independent Contractors Helps Employers

Sexual Harassment Must be Implemented

State Supreme Court Orders Review of Decision on Rounding Time Card Entries

Employers Must Post Job-Related Injuries Summary by Feb. 1

Grocery Store Workers Protected

More Social Media Guidance From the NLRB

Labor Commissioner Posts Updated FAQ on New Wage Notice

Recent California Court of Appeal Decision Makes It Harder To Fight Copycat Class Actions

California Supreme Court Orders Appellate Court To Decide Whether Employers Can Round Time Entries

California Court Of Appeal Provides Roadmap On The Proper Classification Of Independent Contractor

4 Tips for Reducing Employee Turnover

California clarifies reporting time pay for scheduled meetings, split shift premiums

Administrative Exemption Still Unsettled

California Supreme Court Orders Appellate Court To Decide Whether Employers Can Round Time Entries

Be Ready: Labor Enforcement Task Force Launched

Employers Work with CalVet to Help Veteran Employees

How to Work from Home without a Dedicated Office

5 Tips to Keep Employee Theft from Running You Out of Business

HR Allen Consulting Services wins Best of Citrus Heights Award.

10 Useful Websites for Hiring Your Next Employee

DOL Issues Fact Sheets on Retaliation

NLRB Delays Implementation Date of Notice Posting Rule until April 30, 2012

California's New Wage Disclosure Notice and the Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2011

New Wage and Employment Notice Required

HRO vs. PEO: What’s the Difference?

Save Time & Money By Outsourcing Your Payroll

4 Tips for Vetting New Hires

5 Ways to Care for Your Employees’ Emotions

VETS Reporting Delayed Until January 2012

California Labor Compliance Bureau - False Advertising for $275.00

Why Do Independent Contractors Cost So Much?

5 Health Care Benefit Resources for Small Businesses

H-1B Cap Reached for Fiscal Year 2012

Higher Federal Taxes for California Employers?

IRS Announces 2012 Standard Mileage Rates

Supervisors Not Liable for Military Service Discrimination

Excessive Absenteeism Negates ADA Claim

What Small-Business Owners Need to Know about Health Care Benefits

5 Tips for Managing Seasonal Employees

New Law Sinks Teeth into Misclassification of Workers

The California Fair Employment & Housing Commission's Wake-Up Call to Employers

6 Ways to Motivate Workers by Getting Inside Their Heads

Tips for Throwing a Stress-Free Office Holiday Party

3 Alternatives to the Typical Company Holiday Party

4 Things to Know Before Hosting a Holiday Party

What Not to Ask in a Job Interview

In the Trenches: What to Give Employees for the Holidays?

When planning a company holiday party are there any legal issues to consider?

Employers Six Biggest Holiday Headaches

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

NLRB Approves Controversial Union Election Rule

Q&A: California's New PDL Laws and Your Insurance Obligations

Bad Santa

Wait, Isn't It Ok To Round Employee Time Entries? In California, the answer may not be so obvious

Save Time and Money By Outsourcing Your Payroll

Should You Use a Recruiter to Hire Employees?

San Francisco Minimum Wage Increases in January

Senate Approves Employer Tax Credits for Hiring Veterans

10 Signs You’re About to be Fired

Employers Are Now Screening Employee Facebook and MySpace Pages

Leave Rights in California: Part 2

Leave Rights in California: Part 1

What Break Periods Am I Entitled To?

Giving Thanks to Your Customers and Employees

4 Key Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential Employees

DOL Adopts A New “Adverse Employment Action” Standard For SOX Whistleblower Cases, & Another Federal Court Grants An Employer Summary Judgment On Causation Grounds

How Paying Departing Employees to "Tend the Garden" Can Benefit an Employer's Business

Agencies Issue Final Rule Disallowing Federal Contractor Reimbursement for Persuader Activities

What Is the Duty to "Provide" a Meal Period? Oral Argument Before the California Supreme Court in Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court

OSHA Issues Interim Regulations and Request for Comment on Certain Whistleblower Protections Added by Dodd-Frank Act

Legislation Introduced to Update FLSA Computer Employee Exemption

Sexual Harassment Training Year Near Deadline

Order Grants General Counsel Certain Powers in the Event NLRB is Left with Two Sitting Members

New California Employment Laws 2012 pt.1

New California Employment Laws 2012 pt.2

DoD, GSA, and NASA Adopt Final Rule on Notification of Employee Rights Under Federal Labor Laws

DOL Finalizes Investment Advice Regulations

How Small Businesses Can Comply with Labor Law Posters

Using Employee Talents to Grow Your Business

3 Ways to Give Employees Year-End Bonuses

Five Reference Check Questions to Ask

Best and Worst Interview Questions

Golden State Update

Littler's Tammy McCutchen Examines Department of Labor FLSA Enforcement Issues at Congressional Hearing

California's 2012 Minimum Hourly, Monthly and Yearly Rates for Exempt Computer Software, Physician and Surgeon Employees

State Minimum Wages in 2012

I'll Testify: He Did That To Me, Too

Vote For HR Allen for "Best of Citrus Heights"

Bill Aims at Worker Misclassification

On the Brink of a Decision

Bill Would Update Computer Employee Exemption Under FLSA

IRS Creates Voluntary Settlement Program

DOL Extends Contractor Filing Deadline for VETS 100/100A Reporting Forms

Bill Would Provide FMLA Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence

Governor Acts to Protect Workers’ Compensation System

Wal-Mart Decision Applied to Costco Workers

Let's Do Lunch! Brinker Set For Oral Argument

Flurry of Employment Bills Signed Over the Weekend

Court Limits Employer Liability for Workplace Safety of Independent Contractors

Top 10 Employee Handbook Mistakes

Fired Cancer Patient Gets $846,300 Award

Five Key Labor And Employment Issues Hospitality Employers Need To Be Aware Of This Quarter

NLRB Judge Finds Firings Based on Facebook Posting Unlawful

You say sabbatical, I say vacation

IRS Provides Updated Guidance on the Use of Employer-Provided Cell Phones

California Courts Clarify Employees’ Reinstatement Rights Under CFRA

Court Ruling on Cost-of-Living Adjustments Is Workers’ Comp Victory for Employers

Congress Considers Legislation That Would Create a New Protected Class Under Title VII

How Companies Can Comply with Recent Human Trafficking Laws - Five Necessary Disclosures

Federal District Courts Issue Two SOX Whistleblower Decisions That Favor Employers

Congress to Pass Long-Awaited Patent Reform Bill

California DFEH's New Procedural Regulations Will Facilitate the Claims Process for Employees

House Passes Bill Curbing NLRB's Authority

Bill Would Expand USERRA Rights to Veterans on Service-Related Medical Leave

OSHA's 2011 Site-Specific Targeting Program Will Affect More Employers

President Recommends Payroll Tax Cuts, Other Measures to Spur Economy

OSHA Issues Directive on Workplace Violence

EBSA Provides Interim Guidance on Electronic Fee Disclosures

NLRB Defines New Standard for Determining Appropriate Bargaining Units

Concrete Company Cements Win in Meal Period Class Action Trial

Agencies Issue Proposed Rule Outlining PPACA Requirements for Summary of Benefits and Coverage

New Preventive Care Guidelines Issued for Contraceptives and Women’s Health Care

Don't Believe Everything You Read: Recent 9th Circuit Decision on Same-Sex Domestic Partner Health Benefits in Arizona More Narrow than Reported

New Indiana Law Restricts Employers from Requiring Employees and Applicants to Disclose Gun Possession and Use

Employers that Operate a Mixed Fleet of Vehicles May Lose the Motor Carrier Overtime Exemption

The NLRB and Social Media: General Counsel's New Report Offers Employers Some Guidance

California Court Of Appeal Holds That An Unlicensed Law School Graduate Working As A Law Clerk Is Exempt From Overtime

NLRB Issues New Poster Requirement For 2011

Ninth Circuit Issues Yet Another Opinion Imposing More Stringent Pleading Requirements In ADA Title III Lawsuits

Governor Vetoes Costly Employer Mandate

EEOC Opinion Letter Addresses GINA's Impact on Employer Wellness Programs

Summer Hires

VETS 100 Reporting Delayed by Technical Problems

Bill Banning Credit Report Use for Employment Passes Senate Fiscal Committee

Fact or Fiction? “Independent Contractor” Has the Same Meaning for All Government Agencies

Split Shift Pay is Not Required for Shifts Spanning Two Workdays

Employees Who Blog, Tweet and Post About the Business May Be Protected

UI Poster DE 1857D Changed: Does Not Affect Most Employers

Cities Can Ban Grocery Store Layoffs

San Francisco Seeks to Amend Minimum Wage Ordinance

Out-of-State Employees Entitled to Overtime Pay

Religious Discrimination Suit Shows Need for Employer Awareness

Debit Cards to Replace Unemployment Checks

Ruling on Motor Carriers' Mileage-Based Compensation Systems

Audit Your Wage and Hour Compliance—Before Someone Else Does!

Unlicensed Accountants May be Entitled to Overtime under California Law, Federal Court Rules

Little-Known California Labor Law in Good Standing with Employees

Summertime and Many Unpaid Interns Misclassified, according to the California Labor Law

Hiring Minors Entails Following Specific Requirements

Employer Must Pay up to Two Premium Payments A Day for Missed Meal and Rest Periods

Sexually Explicit Offensive Comments and Threats May Not Be Sufficient to Support Same-Sex Gender Discrimination Claim

States May Require Businesses to Use E-Verify

Beach Hut Deli Names HR Allen Consulting Services as a Franchise Payroll Provider

New Federal Unemployment Insurance Extensions

Emergency unemployment benefits reauthorized

Halfway home: Senate sends tax-rate bill to House - Yahoo! News

New Federal Unemployment Insurance Extensions

House Dems To Biden: 'One Year Of Unemployment Benefits For Two Years Of Tax Breaks For The Rich?'

Republican opposition to extending unemployment benefits makes no sense. - By Annie Lowrey - Slate Magazine

Vote for your HR Allen Consulting Services as Citrus Heights best HR & Payroll Company. We appreciate your vote.

UPDATE CA Labor Code-Penalty Assessments for Unlawfully Uninsured Workers-EFFECTIVE 1/1/11

Payroll Service as low as $22.95.

Pair charged with stealing millions from Sacramento County, other payroll clients - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

California Labor Law: \"Working at Blockbusters Is Like a Bad Movie\"

California Labor Law Victory Comes Too Late for 2010

Pregnancy Penalty Violates California Labor Law

HR Buyer's Guide Profile: HR Allen Consulting Services

HR Buyer's Guide Profile: HR Allen Consulting Services

chrysler daimler pensions lawsuit

Female Employees Sue Goldman Sachs for Sex Discrimination

abercrombie and fitch lawsuit

Disease Discrimination Exists in the Workplace

Payroll violations soar with down economy - Sacramento Business Journal

New Federal Unemployment Insurance Extensions

Important Payroll Tax Changes in 2011

Aurora Loan Faces Class Action over Mortgage Review Services

Lexmark to Pay $8.3M in Employee Vacation Class Action

Coca Cola Faces Class Action ERISA Lawsuit

abercrombie and fitch lawsuit

Regional Airline Cited by DOT for Disabled Passenger Violations

CA Labor Law: Fired While on Disability

Apollo Group 401(k) / ERISA Stock Fraud

CVB Financial Corp 401(k) / ERISA Stock Fraud

Citibank NA Faces Overtime Class Action

Suite Attendants Sue Sports Arena Operators Over Unpaid Service Charges

California Labor Violation—Illegal Drugs an Excuse for Termination

Unionized California Home Workers Replaced with Non-Union Staff

California Labor Law Disallows Discrimination against Filipino Nurses

Calif. Employers Face New Workers' Comp Posting Requirements

Judge orders Wells Fargo to pay back $203M in fees - Yahoo! Finance

Governor Vetoes California Overtime Bill for Farmworkers

Overtime Pay Dispute Turns Tables on Tow Truck Operator

Longtime University Employee Fired Ten Months Shy of Full Pension

Three Men File Wrong Termination Lawsuits Against Wal-Mart

Fired Detention Officer Sues Under Texas Labor Law, Seeks Reinstatement

Former Employee says am/pm Store Violated California Labor Laws

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Change to California Labor Law

California Labor Violation—Illegal Drugs an Excuse for Termination

Open Positions: HR Service Sales Representative.

$100 Million in Dell Fraud Charges Settlement

Leaked secret docs of war: View Is Bleaker Than Official Portrayal of War in Afghanistan

Unemployment Extension 2010: When Are the Checks Coming In? | All247News

President Obama to sign unemployment extension with reduces pay, applicants still outnumber jobs

$240,000 Preliminary Settlement Reached in Hotel Employee Class Action

AIG Agrees $725 Million Settlement in Pension Funds Class Action

Strip-Search Lawsuit Settled for $1.1 Million

California Labor Law: Misclassified Independent Contractors

Can California Labor Code Computers Not Keep Up?

Unemployment extension 101: what you need to know - CSMonitor.com

Senate passes unemployment extension, on to the House tomorrow

Unemployment Extension: Republicans Delay Final Vote

Breaking News: U.S. Senate just passed unemployment benefits extension 60-40. It now goes back to the U.S. House, then to President Obama

Senate Set to Pass Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Democrats to give jobless benefits another vote

Obama Blasts GOP for Blocking Unemployment Extension

Unemployment extension expected to pass tomorrow

Gibbs predicts federal unemployment extension will pass next week

Call Center Settles Wages and Overtime Class Action for $13M

San Fran Attorney Shocked by Pregnancy Bias

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against 24 Hour Fitness

Chile California & Chile Nuevo Mexico Peppers Recalled

Attorney Helps Single Mom in Overtime Lawsuit

New Proposed Rule Would Modify HIPAA

$170,000 Voluntary EEOC Sexual Harassment Settlement

Governor Manchin Controls the Future of the Unemployment Extension in the Senate

Senate vote on federal unemployment extension to come week of July 19

2010 Unemployment Extension Best Case Scenario -- Bill Could Be Signed by Week's End

US Labor Department announces release of $43.6 million in unemployment insurance modernization incentive funds to Nebraska

Senate likely to get 60th vote for unemployment extension next week

Assistance for unemployed California residents

The 9 Essential Skills of Human Resources Management - How Many Do You Have?

Top Reasons Recruiters Love Starbucks

Outsourcing—Funny or Not?

Not satisfied with your current background & drug testing vendor?

Change to Illinois Labor Law Boosts Minimum Wage

ESPN Facing Wrongful Termination Lawsuit from Former Production

California Labor Law Could Pay State Workers Minimum Wage

Blog: Walmart Spending Millions to Avoid $7K Fine | Wal-Mart Watch | Fighting for Wal-Mart Workers | Employee Free Choice Act

Unemployment Extensions: Americans asking, ‘Where’s Obama?’

Read our President's Article "Are Performance Reviews Effective?"

Senate Rejects UI Extension Benefits for 1.2 million Americans.

Failed Unemployment Benefits Extension; Unemployed Americans Scared

Affordable & Time-Saving Payroll Service

Porn star facing unemployment kills 1, injures 2 in California machete attack.

Recent Published Article. "Are Performance Reviews Effective?"

Unpaid Overtime Just One Missing Piece in Employee Misclassification Puzzle

Homecare Nurses Sue Gentiva

Medical Marijuana and Job Loss

Transgender Employee Sues for Wrongful Termination in California

Accommodation for Breast Feeding Mothers

Sodexo Discriminates Against African Americans.

Ralph Lauren settles lawsuite for $4 million

Download 50 plus HR & Biz Law forms

HR Tool Box for $99.00

Federal Contractors Must Post Employee Rights Poster