What's Different

Choosing right payroll providerWhat's the most important feature in a service provider?

According to our clients, it’s the responsiveness of the provider’s knowledgeable staff. And that is what makes us a premier employee service provider.

What’s the number one reason why our clients leave our competitors?

There are number of reasons: cost, inaccurate payroll, failure to pay taxes in a timely manner, lack of knowledge, not meeting compliance standards and customer service.

The number one reason according to our clients is customer service, it’s due to our competitors poor response levels.  This includes questions and inquiries going unanswered, resolving technical issues, failure to return phone calls, and the list goes on.

You have probably experienced firsthand one – or all – of these frustrations.  You know you deserve more than the mediocre service and product quality that has become the norm within our industry.  You deserve to work with a business service partner that has your interests in mind, and you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to our Client Priority Response, it’s no wonder why, according to our clients, HR Allen's major advantages over its national competitors include: staff responsiveness, staff experience, and personalized service.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Compare payroll services. The differences between us and our national and regional competitors are numerous.  When you work with a company whose client number is over one-half million, it’s very easy to feel you are just that – a number.  On the other hand, when you work with us, you notice the difference from day one, with our easier and smoother implementation process, faster call-back times, and user-friendly payroll database.

Our service levels will always be ahead of what's become the norm within our industry. When it comes to service, we are redefining the industry standard, we are the best payroll service available.

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